About Us

Gaston Banna & Sons (GBS) is a fast moving Personal Care Production company, with leadership in Men & Women Care products, Baby Skin Care and Hair Care products GBS's brands, spread across 8 distinct Personal Care categories.

Since 1966, GASTON BANNA, founder and CEO has built a reputation of being the most prestigious local manufacturer in the business. GBS remains today the leader in the ever-growing cosmetic industry.

The vision that inspires GBS's 150 employees meets everyday needs of people everywhere, to anticipate their aspirations and to respond creatively and competitively with branded products which raise the quality of life. This objective is achieved through the brands that the company markets.


Business nature

Several International licenses were granted to GBS for Local manufacturing and international distribution, among them Swiss based company INTRAMOL with some of its brand names Hamol®, Vitamol®, Depilan® and Baby set®.

Through the years GBS manufactured contracts for prestigious international companies like Rochas, IFF and Blendax.


GBS’s brands have become household names; with Hamol®, the most important in Shaving and Hair Care products.

In the Baby Care Products business, GBS's Baby Shampoo & Baby Diaper cream Baby Set® is the fastest growing sector in the domestic and export markets. Skin Care brands are Depilan® and Vitamol®. And for the younger consumer GBS has launched its Aqua Gel® brand. 


Cutting-edge distribution network

GBS’s distribution network is recognized as one of its key strengths in its markets. The distribution networks directly covers a large part of the urban population. Superior customer service including daily servicing, help improve the range availability and reduces inventory at the major clients warehouses.


Serving the region

The 1990's witnessed a string of crucial penetration into markets around the region that resulted in firm and valuable partnerships with those new markets.
With partnerships in 5 countries, and clients in over 15 countries, GBS is steadily expanding its success to new markets form North Africa and the Arabian Gulf to Turkey and Eastern Europe.